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SelecTrucks Warranty For Commercial Trucks

Used Commercial Truck Dealer Warranty

Selectrucks of Atlanta offers a wide variety of warranty options for just about all of the new and used heavy duty, medium duty and commercial trucks that we sell at our location in McDonough, Georgia.  Here is a list of available warranties:


Our most popular warranty choice, the Select Warranty is available on Class 8 Freightliner products with up to 725,000 miles, and it primarily covers the drivetrain of the truck.  It is available in terms from 6 months to 3 years.  Qualified Select Warranty repairs can be done at Freightliner and Western Star dealers throughout the United States, and also at T/A Service Point locations.  There is never a deductible charge for Select Warranty claims.

Select Business

Similar to the Select Warranty above, but designed to cover Class 6 and Class 7 Freightliner Medium Duty Trucks.  The coverage is similar, but the terms and mileage limitations are somewhat different.

Select Extra

This warranty can be added to the Select or Select Business Warranties above, and it covers many items that are external to the engine, and are not covered under the primary coverage.  This unique warranty covers numerous items such as the turbo, water pump, injectors, fan hub and clutch,, EGR valve and cooler, air conditioning compressor and clutch, air to air aftercooler, and several more important and expensive components.  This coverage is available for up to 18 months  from date of purchase.


This warranty is issued by Freightliner, but is designed for Non-Freightliner Class 8 trucks, such as International, Mack, Kenworth, etc.  Warranty service is available at most Class 8 truck dealers throughout the United States. Ask your salesman for details.

Buyers Assurance

For those buyers that don’t want to purchase additional warranty, the Buyers Assurance Program can give them peace of mind during the first 60 days of ownership.  This coverage is free of charge, and available on most of the trucks that we sell.  Buyers Assurance covers the drivetrain, plus many more items such as water pump, alternator, starter, turbo, air conditioning, air compressor, clutch, ECM, fifth wheel, radiator, etc.   Just recently, Freightliner has added the EGR system and the diesel particulate filter as covered items. There is no deductible on Buyers Assurance claims.

Premium 2000

This is a popular warranty that is available on just about any medium or heavy duty truck, regardless of age or miles, as long as the truck passes the qualification process.  This warranty is honored by a network of dealers that have been pre-qualified by Premium 2000.

National Truck Protection (NTP)

This warranty is offered by America’s leading independent provider of mechanical breakdown protection for medium and heavy duty trucks.  They offer a broad selection of warranty protection products available with various terms and coverages.  This warranty is honored by a network of dealers that have been pre-qualified by NTP.

This information briefly describes the various warranties that we offer.  For more information, please call your Selectrucks of Atlanta professional.